Thanks to the Schüco LivIngSlide system, you can let the sun into your home and enjoy an exceptionally comfortable living space. It only takes a few hand movements to open new spaces. The winter garden connects to the outside garden, and the balcony and terrace become an extension of the living space. Discover the numerous possibilities offered by the lift and slide doors of the Schüco LivIng series and see how they help you implement individual architectural concepts – in new or existing buildings.





System features:

  • Specially developed technology ensures maximum energy efficiency and heat transfer coefficient for the frame Uf = 1.3 W / (m2K)2
  • Higher property value due to burglary resistance in RC2 class
  • Optymalna izolacyjność akustyczna zapewnia dodatkowy komfort
  • Optimum sound insulation provides additional comfort
  • Ease of use – even with large sash sizes
  • Durable material with minimum maintenance requirements


Schüco EasySlide – HS – energy saving and convenience.

The EasySlide HS lift and slide door creates light-filled interiors with a beautiful view, adding an individual touch to the architecture of the building. The slim design of the door and the maximum size of the sashes ensure comfort and optimal light access.


System features:

  • The width of the frame’s construction is 167mm
  • The width of the leaf structure is 78mm
  • The thickness of the glazing 8mm – 40mm
  • Acoustic insulation up to 43 dB Thermal insulation Uf = 1.5 W / (m2K)


PVC tilt and slide doors as well as distance and slide doors can be built on the Corona CT 70, SI 82 or LivIng profile. Doors made in this system can be freely combined with Corona CT 70 and LivIng windows with other types of opening.

System features:

  • Easy and safe operation
  • The profile of the frame and sash made in a multi-chamber system ensures the required stiffness and thermal insulation
  • The sliding sash in the tilted position is secured against shifting


Drzwi przesuwne

Common features of sliding doors:

Sliding doors meet the highest requirements in terms of:

  • Statics and stability
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Durability and reability
  • Air infiltration
  • They enable the implementation of many types of openings and divisions

Large glazing has been an unchanging trend in architecture for several years, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful view outside the window. SCHUCO sliding doors with high thermal insulation are the key to new, open spaces: the winter garden smoothly transforms into a real garden and the balcony or terrace constitute an extension of the living space. It is enough to move the glazed plane and the boundary between the inner and outer space disappears.


  • individual design
  • tailored variants of window and door finishing
  • design freedom



A choice of plastic windows with decorative foils is a good decision: excellent insulation parameters, durability and good value for money. Thanks to the wide offer of single-color foil or those imitating the appearance of wooden windows, it is possible to meet the individual wishes of our customers. Schüco decorative foils can be applied both on one side and on both sides of the profile, which allows for a good adjustment of the joinery to the elevation and interior of the building. Structured or smooth decorative foils allow for interesting placement of architectural accents, enabling individual concepts in case of any type of building and any interior and elevation arrangement.