The entrance doors developed on the basis of the Schüco Corona SI 82 profile system have many advantages. The deliberate 6-chamber profile and low thermo-insulated door threshold provide excellent thermal insulation. This is the basic condition for reducing energy consumption. The triple gasket system provides optimum protection against wind, rain and noise. This solution just pays off!

  • Excellent thermal insulation: coefficient Uf from 1,0 to 1,1 W/(m²K)
  • Increased safety thanks to the profile construction depth increased to 82 mm
  • Richness of color and stylistic variants

The Schüco Corona CT 70 door system is suitable for a variety of applications in new buildings as well as for renovation of existing objects. The system can additionally be supplemented with many accessories that will provide the right level of security. Proven multi-chamber profiles and low thermo-insulated door thresholds provide optimum thermal insulation and significantly reduce energy expenditure.

  • Optimal thermal insulation
  • A simple installation of equipment for comfort and safety
  • Richness of color and stylistic variants
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PVC Doors SI 82

Common features of PVC doors:

  • Wide possibilities of shaping the appearance
  • Perfect thermal insulation and noise protection
  • Resistance to deformation
  • Excellent product durability
  • The newest closing mechanisms for demanding consumers


PVC doors from Schüco profiles are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. They can be easily combined with Schüco sliding windows and systems, while maintaining perfect system and architectural consistency.


  • individual design
  • tailored variants of window and door finishing
  • design freedom



A choice of plastic windows with decorative foils is a good decision: excellent insulation parameters, durability and good value for money. Thanks to the wide offer of single-color foil or those imitating the appearance of wooden windows, it is possible to meet the individual wishes of our customers. Schüco decorative foils can be applied both on one side and on both sides of the profile, which allows for a good adjustment of the joinery to the elevation and interior of the building. Structured or smooth decorative foils allow for interesting placement of architectural accents, enabling individual concepts in case of any type of building and any interior and elevation arrangement.

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