Choosing a good window that meets our expectations is often a very difficult decision. That is why we have prepared a knowledge base about windows for you. We have specialist knowledge in the field of joinery. We hope that our professional content, which is backed on many years of experience, will help customers make purchasing decisions.

Schüco aluminum facades – a guarantee of modernity.

We hear more and more often that aluminum is the material of the future. Schüco aluminum joinery offer a wide range of design possibilities, very high stability and, above all, durability. These features enable us to produce large-sized structures with optimal thermal insulation.Modern Schüco windows allow you to shape the design, provide a modern character […]

Steamed Up Windows – Is it Normal?

Fogging of windows in the home is a phenomenon that usually occurs in the period from autumn to spring. It is mainly related to higher air humidity and large temperature differences inside and outside the building. The evaporation of windows is not a disadvantage, it is a natural process that can be properly minimized. The […]

Empol windows from Wrocław known worldwide

Windows from Wrocław have enjoyed unchanging popularity for many years. Empol customers appreciate the high quality of our products, a very high level of service and the ability to ship windows even to the farthest end of the globe. Most of our windows go to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. However, we are already present […]

Windows of the future

Currently, the broadly understood construction industry we point on innovative solutions. Providing the highest comfort to residents through a priority approach to issues such as “energy efficiency” and “technology” is slowly becoming a necessity. Trends in the construction industry clearly set one direction: comfort, design and quality – that’s what the client is looking for. […]

New system – Aliplast IDA

Aliplast has introduced a new system to the Polish market – Aliplast IDA. This is a premium system only available from selected manufacturers. It has only operated on the Belgian market so far. This system of industrial-style interior doors and windows is based on very narrow profiles imitating steel (also PIVOT doors).




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