Empol paints the world in different colors.

Colorful windows have been popular with many Polish and European customers for some time. Anthracite, white or wood-like veneers are the most fashionable, but many investors need non-standard windows in specific projects. The technology of surface refinement developed by GEALAN through the use of acrylic glass works perfectly along the entire length of the profiles. Thanks to the introduction of the GEALAN-acrylcolor® brand, profiles made in this technology gain great recognition in the market. In the production process, the underlay consisting of white, liquid, hot-melt PVC is inextricably combined with the liquid, hot-melt plexiglass. In this way, we obtain a profile finished with an extremely elegant matte color. GEALAN windows produced in the above-mentioned way are, first of all, color durability. Thanks to the advantages of PMMA, even after many years, the color differences caused by the effects of weather conditions are almost imperceptible, and the smooth and non-porous surface facilitates care. Importantly, the heating phenomenon is minimal enough to prevent deformation of the window profiles. Windows manufactured by Empol are not only of the highest quality and reliability, but since the introduction of the GEALAN brand, also full colors with the use of the most modern technologies of covering profiles with acrylic glass. We make sure to provide our clients with proven and innovative solutions. GEALAN windows produced in Wrocław are delivered daily to the farthest corners of Europe. We are always one step ahead to be able to proudly enjoy the recognition of our partners at home and abroad.

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