Windows of the future


Currently, the broadly understood construction industry we point on innovative solutions. Providing the highest comfort to residents through a priority approach to issues such as “energy efficiency” and “technology” is slowly becoming a necessity. Trends in the construction industry clearly set one direction: comfort, design and quality – that’s what the client is looking for.

When we talk about modern construction, it is difficult not to focus on sliding systems with large glazing, which have been fashionable in recent years. Their use visually blurs the barriers between what is inside and outside, and thus introduces the entire immediate surroundings into the room. The second rational confirmation of the rightness of choosing large glazing is the huge availability of light. Natural light makes our eyes less tired and we use much less electricity.

Schüco windows, which we provide to our clients, not only provide perfect visual effects, but also, thanks to excellent thermal insulation, allow you to reduce energy costs.

The wide range of systems available in our offer means that the selection of the best solution, tailored both to the needs and the possibility of designing a living space, is not a challenge. In the most modern sliding systems, after sliding the door apart, we get an almost smooth transition, ensuring comfort for children, the elderly and the disabled. The recently fashionable concept of “house without barriers” becomes not only a slogan, but also a real vision of contemporary constructions.

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