SCHUCO - The highest quality in every detail

The aluminum Schüco windows and doors are offered in almost all colors, with the possibility to individual selection of the surface structure and matching them to the style of the home and interior. They enable trouble-free large-format glazing, providing more light and higher comfort. They reflect all individual ideas and requirements concerning quality, design and function, performed in an uncompromising manner. All equipment components can be freely configurable. The wide system platform allows for a connection of windows with the entrance and sliding doors as well as winter gardens.

Schüco Is one of the leading suppliers of high quality windows, doors and elevations made of aluminum and plastic. Millions of Schüco products sold worldwide meet the highest requirements in terms of design, comfort, safety and energy efficiency.


  • thermally insulated system
  • construction depth 90mm
  • coefficient Uf >0,7
  • maximum glazing thickness 68mm
  • average value of Uf at a level of 1,0 W/m²K, coefficient Uw = 0,8 W/m²K (at an outside width of the profile being 117 mm) and Ug = 0,6 W/m²K (With glazing frame made of plastic)
  • expanded insulation zone with thermal foam inserts


  • thermally insulated system
  • construction depth 75mm
  • coefficient Uf >0,9
  • maximal glazing thickness 61mm
  • Uw = 0,9 W/(m²K) with Ug = 0,6 W/(m²K) and a plastic glazing frame
  • flexible choice of thermal insulation due to different variants


  • thermally insulated system
  • construction depth 70mm
  • coefficient Uf >1,5
  • maximal glazing thickness 62mm
  • wide assortment of profiles, including profiles with a special design Schüco AWS 70 RL.HI (Residential Line) Schüco AWS 70 SL.HI (Soft Line) and Schüco AWS 70 ST.HI (Steel Contour)
  • available in a variant of a hidden sash


  • thermally insulated system
  • construction depth 65mm
  • coefficient Uf >1,9
  • maximal glazing thickness 55mm
  • used on all types of sites, windows, doors, sliding doors, lift and slide doors.
  • flushed or outward-opened sash available in the option
  • available in a variant of a hidden sash

Aluminum sliding doors and lift and slide door subsystems can be used as connectors for rooms or winter gardens with the outside environment. An appropriate stiffness of the profiles enable to create sash with dimensions of up to 3000mm, thanks to which we obtain large glazing. We work mainly on 2 sliding systems: Visoglide and Ultraglide.


– system izolowany termicznie,

– maksymalne gabaryty skrzydeł 3000x3000mm,

– maksymalny ciężar skrzydła 400kg

– wartość Uf od 2 W(m^2K),

– występuje w wariancie przesuwnym oraz podnoszono-przesuwnym,

– występuje w wariancie monorail,

– możliwa do uzyskania wartość przenikalności cieplnej dla całej konstrukcji poniżej Uw-1,3 W(m^2K)


– system izolowany termicznie,

– maksymalny ciężar skrzydła 400kg

– Uw od 1,9 W/(m²K) przy rozmiarach elementu 2500 mm x 2500 mm z szybą 2-komorową o współczynniku Ug 1,1 W/(m²K)

– wodoszczelność klasa 9A

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