We manufacture PVC Windows and Doors in systems:


CT 70


Schüco window profiles are made of extremely durable material. Around the whole perimeter of the frame and sash, we use galvanized corrosion-resistant steel reinforcements made of cold-formed sections with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm. Such a stable and robust window construction perfectly tolerates loads exerted by external factors (suction and wind pressure, stress, water tightness, carrying capacity) as well as the load caused by the use of an energy-saving triple-glazing package. A package consisting of three layers of glass and two chambers in between them, is a solution that maintains excellent energy-saving performance and good acoustic insulation.

Our PVC windows are a unique product available only in the Empol company. It was created through combining the Schuco profiles and Strong fittings developed on the basis of Winkhaus Activ Pilot.

Strong are fittings with increased burglary protection extended by:

•  Additional anti-burglar and anti-strike latches:
– 3 latches in each tilt/turn sash (they effectively protect against break-in attempts and press the sash to the frame better)
– 2 latches in each turn-only sash
( in the reference window)
•  blockade of handle turning with a DFE slide bracket in each tilt and turn sash (enforces a correct position of the handle, prevents the sash from slipping out of the upper hinge)
•  invisible notch pressure (seals, attenuates noise)
•  a locking system based on pins in the shape of octagonal mushrooms (a safe and difficult to forge connection of the sash with the frame).
•  a simple sash pressure regulation to the frame (possibility of individual tightness control) .
•  graduated tilting (possibility of regulation with a fresh air current, blockage in the case of draught).