PREMIUM entrance doors assume a distinctive role in the shape, function and design of residential and office buildings.
The PREMIUM entrance door characterises your house – it lends a unique and characteristic flair to the entrance of your home. You can express your unique taste & style with this door. Confidently stylish high-class – an impressive symbol of your philosophy of life.
EXCLUSIV entrance doors provide various options to meet the most diverse shapes and functions. The most demanding and sophisticated requirements can also be met.
All materials used in an PREMIUM entrance door are manufactured in accordance with the most modern production methods. Continuous and constant in-house and external inspections and tests ensure consistently high quality in the fabrication and create an end product of the best quality.
The appearance of your house can acquire a particular-aesthetic appeal by installing an PREMIUM entrance door and your home will also be safer as a result. We are confident that we will be able to accommodate all of your requirements and meet your specific needs.

PREMIUM entrance doors have the following benefits:

Comprehensive range of products
Implementation of your own needs and expectations
Very high values of thermal and sound insulation
High level of security against burglary
Long service life of the doors
Low cost and little effort required for maintenance and care
Large choice of models and a holistic range of products on offer


A combination of the latest Schüco LivIng profile and Strong fitting

  • Two-chamber window pane package, dedicated for passive and energy efficient buildings.
  • A deep-set glass pane and a width of 24 to 52 mm, eliminates the thermal bridge
  • 2-chamber aesthetic glazing bead
  • 3 heat-sealable surfaces, functional gaskets with EPDM, forming a sealing called a “dry chamber” (concerns the LivIng MD profile), ensuring excellent insulation and acoustic performance.
  • 7- chamber construction with a depth of 82 mm and a heat transfer coefficient from Uf=1,0 W/(m²K)
  • Steel reinforcement with a closed cross-section and a thickness of 1.5 to 2.5 mm supporting structural stability and corrosion resistant.
  • Under-sill strip allows for proper installation and additional thermal insulation
  • Durable and aesthetic seal

The LivIng 82 MD profile meets all the requirements of ift Rosenheim in the field of passive construction

Strong fitting

On the basis of Winkhaus ActivPilot fitting, with increased burglary resistance, extended in the reference windows by:

  • Additional anti-burglar and anti-strike latches
    a) 3 latches in each tilt-and-turn sash
    b) 2 catches in each turn-only sash
  • A blockade of handle turning with a DFE slide bracket in each tilt-and-turn sash
  • A locking system based on pins in the shape of octagonal mushrooms, allowing for simple sash pressure adjustment to the frame.
  • Multi-step tilt
  • Invisible notch pressure in the casement window
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