The history of Empol

Our company has taken an unique journey of constant progress, changes and searches for new improvements. It took more than 20 years to reach today’s level of satisfaction and pride in many fields. We began this journey with a humble production of vertical blinds…


The establishment of EMPOL

Empol's originator and founder is Mieczysław Siuba. It is he who initiated the company with a small production of vertical blinds located in a garage.

Initiating the production of Venetian blinds

The enlarging interest in our products encouraged us to widen the offer by producing Venetian blinds. As a result we gained even more new customers.

The transformation of the company and roller blind production

In this period we transformed the company locating the production to Kamieniec Wrocławski and began to produce roller blinds.

The origin of EMPOL's window production

To meet our customers expectations we began to produce PVC windows. The production was located in a rented hall in Gałowice near Wrocław. Our first windows were based on the Aluplast profiles and with fittings from Winkhaus. In that time we purchased the first machinery park.

The first retail shop

We began selling our products in Wrocław in a retail shop. Soon we began to open more shops creating a chain of retail shops. The chain's business name was EMPOL P.W and was supervised by Ewa Siuba. Since the beginning every shop maintained a strong entity to high quality service. The sellers scrutinized carefully each customer's expectation in order to provide the best product.

Building a new production factory

The growing demand for EMPOL's products created a need to build a larger production hall and office. Following the demand we began building a new production factory in 2003 in Źródła, 8km from Wrocław.

Grand opening of the new production

We celebrated the grand opening of our new production factory at the Plaza Hotel in Wrocław with the company of our customers and suppliers.

The merger of two companies

We began year 2007 with merging EMPOL P.W (retail chain and investments service) into Empol Sp. j (production company). The management board of the new company consisted of two members: Ewa and Mieczysław Siuba. The changes also included the leading assumptions. We strove for innovations. The offer was aimed toward more demanding customers. We also extended our offer to customers from other European countries. The entire process of changes generated an 90% increase of turnover.

Receiving recommendation from The Polish Windows and Doors Association

The chapterhouse of the Polish Windows and Doors Association evaluated positively Empol. As a result we were signed to an elite group of producers recommended by the Association.

Change of window profiles supplier

We carried out a research among many systems available on the market. We decided to base our production of PVC windows on a high technology system of windows frames from Schuco. Schuco is widely known for products with excellent thermal insulation properties and modern designs.

Tarbud construction fair

In 2008 we participated in Tarbud - the biggest construction fair in Lower Silesia. Our stand attracted many visitors and potential customers. As a result we gained many lucrative and interesting contacts.

A prize at the Tarbud - construction fair

The organizers of the Construction and Interior Design Fair awarded our energy-saving window for its high-tech properties.

The factory extension

The demand for our product kept increasing. The demand doubled so in order to sustain productivity at the same level we invested in expanding the factory in Źródła.

The extension of the machinery park

In that period we also invested in a new machinery park: 2 assemble lines from ROTOX. The machinery was built with an innovative solution ZOR.

Introducing the Aluminum profile system by Aliplast

Aliplast has become our aluminum profiles supplier.

DCG Award

The DCG (Lower Silesia Economy Certificate) purpose is to develop the regional identity in terms of economy and to support the Lower Silesia economic growth. In other words the association promotes entrepreneurship. We are proud to by awarded with this prize.

Presenting Activpilot

We extended our offer by Winkhaus fitting Activpilot. The fitting differed from its competition with functionality, safety and ease of use.

Construction fair Tarbud 2009

Our stand at the fair Tarbud has once again raised much interest in visitors -potential customers.

2 prizes at Tarbud 2009

Empol was the only company honored with two prizes during the Tarbud fair in 2009. Our high thermal insulation window Prestig Energy won a prize, the second prize was given for the unique arrangement of Empol's stand.

VIP – Best Windows and Doors

The Agency of Lower Silesia Energy and Environment supported the third edition of the VIP program. We were awarded with two prizes in 2 cathegories: -thermal insulation - Ciepłe okno PVC VIP Energy Plus -soundproof – Ciche okno PVC VIP Silencio Energy-saving and sound proof Ciepłe okno PVC Vip Energia Plus, Ciche okno PVC VIP Silenco.

VIP – Best Joinery retail shop

Among all companies participating in the VIP Best Joinery Contest Empol won the most prizes. Eleven of Empol's shops were awarded with 8 Statues VIP and 3 Statues Super VIP. The Jury awarded the high quality and professional customer service and also the sellers competence toward demanding clients.

DCG (Lower Silesia Economy Certificate) Golden Prize

Three years in a row Empol won the Golden DCG award. This valuable recognition indicates the continual growth of our company.

The Golden Certificate of Solidna Firma (Solid Company)

Receiving the Gold Certificate is a confirmation that our company consequently realizes its high quality policy. A company taking part in Solidna Firma's qualification process is interviewed five times. Empol is the only window producer in Wrocław which is honored with this prize.

DCG (Lower Silesia Economy Certificate)

Empol received for the fourth time the DCG reward. The presentation of the awards took place on the 26 of June 2012, at the National Museum in Wrocław. Laureates were recognized for their contribution in the economic growth of their region, maintaining fair policy and remaining in a stable economic position. We are proud to set the example for other Lower Silesia Companies.

Introducing profile Automotive Finish I HS Si 82

We began 2013 by extending our offer with profiles Automotive Finish I HS SI 82. Schuco presented this profile during the fair in Norymberg in Germany. The frame Termplus SI82 was replaced with Prestiz Energy, windows with coating Automotive Finish and HS SI82.

EMPOL the Ambassador of Well Installation

For many years we have been cooperating with Tremco Illbruck. The company is a leader on the market of „Warm Fitting” production materials. It took many years of effort to increase our customer's and team member's level of knowledge and awareness in the window field. As a result the level not only increased, but we received the title of the „Ambassador of Well Window and Door Installation”. We are aware that a well-done installation is 50% of success, that is way we emphasis the importance of constant training of our team members and fitters. We also share our knowledge with our customers.

Schuco Premium Partner Certificate

Schuco introduced in Poland a prestige program Schuco Premium Partner. The program's participants may only be leading producers of high quality windows and doors based on profiles from Schuco. Empol and only two other companies in Poland received this certificate in range of PVC and aluminum.

Business Gazelles

Empol was ranked in the most prestigious list of entrepreneurs. The ranking included exclusively companies with an excellent economic position on the market and companies marking increasing results. This certificate entitles our company as a members of the elite club Gazele Biznesu (Business Gazelles)

2 awards at the TARBUD 2014 fair

In 2014 we participated once again at the construction fair Tarbud. The fair is visited by numerous potential clients looking for the best solutions, to meet their expectations we presented many untypical solutions at our stand. As a result we were awarded by the fair organizers with 2 prizes. Our 7 -chamber window Prestige Aluside., for its design to thermal saving buildings. The second award was given due the most interesting stand arrangement.

Award Gepardy Biznesu (Business Cheetah)

The European Business Institute has analyzed the financial results of all entrepreneurs and distinguished the most dynamic growing ones. Empol was honored with The title “The Business Cheetah” for our excellent financial conditions and dynamic growth.

Empol's 20 th Anniversary

2015 was a special year for Empol. We have experienced 20 years of constant development and as a result we became one of the most modern technology window producers in Poland. Today 's effectively managed production, efficient logistic and qualified team members place our company as an attractive parter on the European market. We produce PVC and aluminum windows according to the highest standards. The quality of all our products are controlled regularly. Empol implement solutions much sooner than other windows producers.

Empol was awarded with the DNG award

The DNG is an continuation of the DCG. The DNG is a regional recognition given to outstanding entrepreneurs, reliable economic entities and institutions who actively promote Lower Silesia. We were presented with this prize during the Lower Silesia Political and Economic Forum.

The golden seven in industrial ecology

The jury of The Golden Seven in Ecology awarded for ecology attempts. Empol was highly noted due to our meticulous management of recyclable materials. Being aware of the importance of saving the environment we strive for environment friendly technology and well administrated processes. Due to our effort's Empol and 5 other companies were honored with this special award in 2015.

Schuco Premium Partner Certificate

For the fourth year in row Empol received the elite Schuco Premium Partner Cartificate in categories PVC production and aluminum production. Thanks to our professional crew and high quality, certified products we gained this award.

Introducing Living Strong windows

Our newest product is a complete system. The system allows to construct even the most ambitious projects our customers dream of having at home. It also perfectly combines the energy balance, safety and timeless designs. Empol's windows and doors collection based on Schuco Living profile and Winkhouse Active Pilot fittings mark the latest standards in safety and energy efficiency.

Purchasing new machinery

Constant increasing demand for our products encourage us to purchase new machinery. As a result we escalated our productivity. We brought a new center to process PVC profiles and glass sorting machine. We took this step to meet our customers expectations.

Schüco Premium Partner Certificate for the fifth time

Empol with pride and joy was given for the fifth time the Schüco Premium Partner Certificate. Schüco created a program which includes their partners who consequently accomplish the Schüco quality policy and also possess an offer of products matching the demand on the market.

Launching the first construction phase of our New Factory

In  August 2017 the first construction phase of our New Factory has begun. The facility is located in the Legnica Special Economic Zone, on  an area of 40 000m2 where we plan to transfer our PVC and aluminum production. The general contractor is P.P.H.U. Handbud s.c. in Legnica. The first stage includes building a modern production hall  with an automated warehouse and a social-administration building. The total area of this facility  is  8 100m2. The social- administration building will be supplied with necessary equipment and an appropriate infrastructure. In order to increase our productivity and further growth, we plan purchasing new machinery to the production line.

The end of the constructions the new fabric

The end of the constructions the new fabric and moving the production PCV and aluminium to the new production hall a total of 8100m². The installation and launching  new machines to produce PVC.
2019 - 03

Schuco Premium Partner Certificate

For the seventh year in a row Empol received the elite Schűco Premium Partner Certificate in categories PVC production and aluminium production. This is very important commendation both for us and for our clients, which shows our professional crew, high quality and certified products, which leave our fabric.