The unique ActivPilot Comfort technology allows you to enjoy fresh air without unnecessary energy loss. Ventilate your home just right and save energy!

The Winkhaus activPilot Comfort window with hardware has, in addition to the tilt and full opening functions, an additional ventilation function through an approximately 6-millimeter gap around the perimeter of the sash.


  • A healthy climate (constant fresh air supply through a 6-mm gap around the perimeter of the window provides a healthy indoor climate, protecting it from moisture and frostbite.
  • Safety (a window during ventilation complies with ENV 1627-1630 standards in the RC2 class, that is it behaves like a locked burglar-proof window. This is the only such solution on the market.).
  • Energy savings (air exchange throughout the whole frame surface without a cooling effect and unnecessary energy losses).
  • Ventilation without draught (the fitting construction eliminates the problem of drafts, as special latches hold the sash firmly in the frame, regardless of the wind force outside.
  • Protection from insects

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