Facade blinds are elegant and modern covers for windows and large glass surfaces, mounted on the outer wall of the building. Their task is to protect the interior of the building against excessive sunlight. They act as an insulator and regulate the intensity of sunlight according to the individual needs and preferences of users.

Thanks to their construction, the shutters support the work of air conditioning. A thermal barrier is created between the lamellas and the glass, which is created by a mass of air that slows down the heat exchange. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly reduce and maintain the temperature inside the building in a relatively short time. The rich colors and design of the blinds give the facade a unique look and its own style.

Facade shutters

Advantages of facade blinds:

  • Thermal protection
  • Smooth control of the shutter (opening and closing) in the range of 90 and 180 degrees, ensuring comfortable setting of the degree of light
  • Lowering the noise level
  • Light and simple aluminum construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Manual or automatic control
  • Possibility of cooperation with the weather automation system
  • High resistance to weather conditions
  • Lowering energy consumption at home and in the office
  • Rich colors and shapes

Types of facade blinds:

  • S (lamellas with an “S” shaped cross-section)
  • C (lamella with a “C” -shaped cross-section)
  • F (lamellas with a C-shaped cross-section with the possibility of operating in the range of 180 °)
  • Z (lamella with a Z-shaped cross-section)

Mounting types:

  • For the window frame, facade construction
  • To wall


  • Manual (crankset)
  • Electric (necessary for large-size structures)

Screen roller blinds protect rooms against excessive sunlight, heating, insects and dirt. They are durable and resistant to weather conditions. They keep up to 90% of solar energy, which significantly reduces air conditioning costs in summer and heating costs in winter. The fabrics used, thanks to the glass fiber content, are durable and easy to clean. The different degree of translucency of the material, rich design and a wide range of colors make it possible to match them to any interior or facade. Screen fabric roller blinds can be installed in several ways, controlled manually or with a remote control, making them ideal for traditional and intelligent supporters.