External shutters protect against overheating of rooms in the summer, heat loss in the winter and lowering the noise level. In addition, they can constitute protection against burglary. They ensure privacy and significantly affect the sense of security in your home.

The basic elements of external shutters constitute of:

  • roller shutter housing (shutter box and guiderails)
  • shutter armor,
  • manual or electric drive.

External shutters

Common features of Outside Roller-Blinds:

  • additional thermal insulation, during winter protects from heat loss and during summer protects the inside from overheating

  • additional aquistic insulation, protects inside from excessive noise

  • additional window and door frames protection from ultraviolet rays and atmospheric precipitations

  • additional anti burglary security

  • comfort improvement due to:

inside lighting regulation (full overshadowing, semi-darkness, etc.)

additional protection against insects (installed in mosquito net)

  • ability to aply in new or existing buildings

The varied colors attached in the Outside Roller-blinds Offer allow to create a harmonious composition with windows and building elevation.
The special mechanism guarantees a reliable and comfortable usage.
Everyday usage is also simplified due to the remote.
The Roller-Blinds may also be equipt with a timer and a weather condition sensor.



Roleta nadstawna
Adjustable Windows blids
Roleta podtynkowa



The housing with the inspection hatch located from the front of the shutter box. The box mounted on the wall (without interfering with the light of the window) or the window recess (interference in the light of the window). No possibility of development. The system of surface shutters is used in new construction and with modernization of the already existing buildings. The decision to use them can be made at any time


Adjustable Windows blids

The housing with the inspection cover located at the back or bottom of the shutter box. The box is placed on the window and then along with it, mounted in the window recess. Possibility of different variants of the development, including complete covering (refers to the boxes with revision from the back). The roller shutter system is used in new constructions and modernization of the already existing buildings. The decision about the use of these blinds should be made at the design stage or when replacing the window frames.



Housing with an inspection cover located from the back of the shutter box. The box mounted in front of the window in a properly prepared recess in the lintel. Necessity of external development. The concealed shutter system is only used in new construction. The decision to use this solution must be made at the project stage.