The door is an indispensable part of the garage, so it should be aesthetic, safe and comfortable to use.

Garage doors differ most of all in construction and way of opening. Garage door manufacturers offer door leaf gates, sectional gates, roller garage doors and sliding gates. The latter, nowadays, are used extremely rarely. Mainly because of the uncomfortable way of opening and closing, which requires manual operation of each gate leaf separately. In addition, opening the garage door requires a lot of free space in front of the garage, which in the case of a short driveway is a very difficult impediment. The place of the sliding garage doors is taken with comfortable, segmental, roll and sliding dates. We can easily find cylinders allowing for their opening without having to get out of the car. These gates are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, making it easy to find a model tailored to the garage dimensions or the house’s appearance.

Garage doors

Sectional doors

They are built of interlocking panels filled with polyurethane foam, which constitutes thermal and acoustic insulation of the gate. The sectional doors are divided into upper and lateral sections. The upper opening slides through the guides along the ceiling. The side they ones move along the walls. When opened, they do not protrude beyond the house. They can therefore be installed even in garages standing by the very street. Their advantage is very good tightness, which is why it is worth to install them in heated garages. Sectional doors can also be used in arched lintel openings.


Roll doors

Roll doors act as window blinds and occupy the least amount of space – they are bought immediately with an electric drive so they can be raised and lowered freely without occupying space. As with window blinds, the lamels from which the gate comprises, are coiled up on a shaft that is located in a cassette placed above the garage entrance. The lamella can be steel or aluminum. They are a perfect alternative for segmental doors that cannot be mounted for some reason. Roll gates are the most expensive, however, these gates are very comfortable in operation, modern, safe and do not require a long driveway.